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Recent Entries

3/14/09 10:22 pm - Skotchin

I'm gonna use this fucking livejournal even if it kills me

Gonna colour in that girl later, get excited

3/13/09 10:26 pm - Using dis here blogalog

Some of the better bits of my sketchbook, drawn straight with a kuratake brush pen. I find I draw more interestin' stuff if I go straight to brush rather than using pencil. Fuck pencil!

1/20/09 12:38 am - Cheaper than ImagineFx for sure

A larger, more colourful and entirely more legible image of the front cover Prique is clutching in the latest Deathchord comic.

8/29/08 11:35 pm - Happy Masami Akita

If you spent all your time making delicious distorted noise you'd have a shit-eating grin too.

8/29/08 12:38 am - Making use of dead appendages

I don't really use this shithole, so I'm gonna start using it to advertise my new pages. Hooray.

It's probably the greatest thing that exists. Currently a storyline in action, which starts here for those who are wishing for lines in a story vein. Safe, spa.

8/20/08 10:13 pm - Adding to the heap

Making some comics, putting them on the web. Like some kind of web comic deal.



7/25/08 06:38 pm - Brush off your woes

My kuretake brush is pretty much in its death throes, and while it's just about working now, I get that ominous feeling of impending demise everytime I use it. Wouldn't be such a bother if they were cheap or readily accessable, but nay. They ain't.

If I knew someone in Japan who could send me a box of them, as they are allegedly much cheaper and in higher quantities in Nippon, then I would be well chuffed. But I don't. Bah. Maybe time to use a real brush? Become a man?

6/23/08 07:18 pm - MeeBOX

New TV show from Adam Buxton that'll hopefully be picked up for a series or seven by the BBC. BBC, please make it. Please.

A link for those that haven't seen it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/page/item/b00c816h.shtml?src=ip_potpw

6/21/08 08:36 pm - Let's see...

I'm gonna have a look and see if I've got anything interesting to post here...

Ahh. Nope.

6/19/08 06:51 pm - Are you shivering?

Just to fill up some space here, in my brain.
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